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Valentine’s Day Mesh Wreath

Hello everyone. I’ve always loved been making wreaths. I started making them when I lived in my small NY apartment and could not keep alot of decorations. A wreath has the ability to capture a holiday, a season, a theme or occasion in a small space. I had to put my passion on hold for awhile due to lack of space (apartment living, arrgh). Now that I have space to store and make them, it’s reignited my love of wreath-making. Look for more wreaths to come in the future!

I have never made one before so, of course, I turned to Youtube. Where else do you learn how to do everything in life, right? You can learn to change a tire, put on makeup and make a wreath all in one day. LOL. I came across this very funny Youtuber, This Southern Girl Can who makes them. She’s pretty much got it down to a science at this point. She uses dollar store supplies to make budget friendly wreaths. Check her out her Youtube channel.

Check her out her Youtube channel.

Step 1. Gather supplies.

Step 2. A) Cut mesh pieces that are approximately 6 inches in length. This will give you 6 x 6 squares. Alternatively, just roll each piece of mesh over itself so it makes one full loop. Cut ribbon 9 inches long (this is 1.5 times the length of the mesh pieces). B) Also cut your chenille stems (pipe cleaners) in half and then fold those pieces in half again.

Step 3. Take 3 pieces of mesh and 1 piece of ribbon. Roll mesh into coils (rolls). Hold each between your Index and 3rd fingers while you roll the other 2 pieces and pinch all together. Add ribbon with pattern side out away from your finger, then tie with a chenille stem piece. Twist once or twice to secure.

Step 4. A) Now add this bundle to your wreath form by feeding the chenille stem ends through the middle two wires on the wreath form. (see picture Step 4A). B) Continue adding bundles until you fill the whole form. I used 10 bundles per section. A section consists of the space between the 2 vertical wire pieces There are 6 sections so you will use 60 bundles when complete (you can see the sections in picture 4A).

Valentine’s Day Mesh Wreath_Final
Valentine’s Day Mesh Wreath_Closeup


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by and once again please leave questions in the comments or feel free to email me if you prefer.

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