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DIY: Super Easy Christmas Wreaths

Hello friends. This weekend I made some very cute mini Christmas wreaths for some new decorations. I love to decorate with wreaths and I especially enjoy adding mini ones to doors Inside my home. They enhance your decor without being too in your face. They are also easy to store when you have limited space.

These were super easy to make and inexpensive. The supplies I used are mini wreaths, 25-30mm Ornaments, 5/8” Red Satin Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun and Gorilla Glue Hot Glue Sticks. These little wreaths would make great gifts as well or can be used around a candle for a festive centerpiece.


I bought three mini wreaths from Target and hot glued red, green, and gold ornaments to it, scattering them around the wreath. The pale gold, glitter gold, and red and green glitter ornaments are ones I used from my stash.

I added a 5/8” Red Satin Ribbon to each wreath to hang them. That’s all! I told you it was super easy. You can add more items, like ribbon or candies, etc to your if you like.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope I’ve inspired you to make some wreaths for your home or for a gift. Leave comments or questions below or feel free to email