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Dollar Store Crafts: Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement

Hello friends. Valentine’s Day is next month and we all want to make cute decor and gifts, right? Times are tough right now, everything is ridiculously expensive so why not save some money on crafts?!? I made this cute floral decor piece using only Dollar Tree products.

Everything you see in this post except the Fabri-tac glue can be found at Dollar Tree. You can use hot glue in place of the Fabri-tac which can be found at the Dollar Tree for sure! I cannot be trusted with hot glue (second degree burns on fingers are not fun :)) so I won’t be using that!!!

Let me show you how quick and easy this was to make. The supplies you will need are: a candy bucket or tin pail (any small container will work here), 3 pink and 1 red bundle of artificial carnations, floral picks, floral foam, lace ribbon and green floral moss.

I cut the floral foam down with a knife to fit inside the pail. This foam is very soft and easy to trim down. You literally can just shave the edges with a knife. You can glue down the foam to the bottom of the pail if you like. I did not need to because once I added the moss it secured it in place.

Next, I figured out how tall I wanted my flowers and trimmed them using wire cutters. Don’t try to cut these with scissors; it will not work well and you may hurt your hands (ask me how I know?:) ) I seperated out the stems so I could arrange them better. It’s much harder if you leave them in the bundle. I place them into the foam and fluffled them out. You can easily bend the stems so you can spread your flowers out better to create a full arrangement.

Next I inserted the Valentine’s Wooden Glitter Heart Picks. I used 5 but add how many you would like. I find that odd numbered items just tend to be more visually appealing. To cover all the foam and also add more stability, I added some Floral Garden Reindeer Moss inside the pail.

Lastly I glued on some of the Heart Ribbon Lace around the pail.


Thanks for reading this post. I hope I’ve inspired you to give this quick and easy Valentine’s Day floral arrangement a try for yourself. Leave comments or questions below or feel free to email.